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Wooden table stand with the 10" x 15" or 14" x 14" round edges frame with the gripper strip, ready to work, for stretching the canvas for your rug hooking / punch needle designs. The gripper strip is attached to the frame with the air stapler which is very strong. Will allow you to stretch monks cloth, primitive linen or synthetic rug canvas really tight. 
The stand is designed for easy assembly and disassembly when your project is done. You do not need any screwdriver to assemble the stand. It is very strong and sturdy, and it is different from others because the frame can rotate 360 degrees vertically, and the platform rotates 360 degrees horizontally, which allows you to see the face side, right side up, of your rug any time with ease. You can also use it to display your art when done or while in progress, without it being upside down.
Doesn't take much space on your table, when you have a break you can disassemble it and store in a box.  Very comfortable, beautiful and light weight!
Designed and built at JAN Crafts.

Made of Poplar/ premium Pine, smooth sanded. Light weight, simple but extremely strong construction, pleasant smooth surface will make your hooking/punching experience real fun!

If you need a frame with other dimensions, contact us, custom orders are available!

Wooden Table Stand for rug hooking / punch needle 10"x 15" Frame Poplar/Pine

PriceFrom $145.00
  • Dimensions:
      Stand           Height- 14" with the frame vertically positioned
                           Width- 21"
    Frame            Inner square- 10" x 15"
                           Outer square- 12" x 17"

    Made of Poplar/ premium Pine, smooth sanded

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