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You like to tuft small rugs? Limited with the workspace? Want to tuft more than one rug at the same time? Take a look at this miniature tufting frame!
This is a pre-made miniature  tufting frame and save yourself the time and trouble of trying to build one from scratch.

This is a wooden free-standing frame with tack strips already cut properly and attached, ready to work, for stretching the canvas for tufting. Built with heavy duty components discovered after years of tufting. Two rows of tack strips will allow you to stretch your backing material very tightly to hold the backing material stronger.  Long legs provide stability, but we recommend to place the stand near the wall. We added a hand on both sides of the frame so if the frame is positioned against the wall it will be 100% stable, and at the same time you do not need to attach it to the wall or anything else. 

Comes partially disassembled, all the parts are numbered, easy to assemble.

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Designed, built and tested at JAN Rugs/ JAN Crafts, long time professional rug makers - for real rug tufting!

Dimensions:         Inner square- 25" x 36"                           
                               Outer square- 28.5" x 39.5"           

Wooden Free-Standing Mini Frame for Rug Tufting 25" x 36"

PriceFrom $140.00
  • Pine

    DImensions: inner size 25" x 36"

                              outer size 28>5" x 39"

    Two raws of tack strips

    Preconstructed, comes partually disassembled, requires  assembly.


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