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ULTRA punch needle for embroidery- punch needle work.
Works with the embroidery floss, thread, wool, cotton, metalic, acrylic.

The kit contains 3 tips- small, medium and large, Instruction book and two threaders.
You will be able to use it with clothing, pillows, fabric, wool and more.

Tips are very easy to change, and threaders make it easy to pull your thread trough the needle. Combination of the different thickness of the needles and materials you can use with this tool will make you able to create lots of the unique designs and have a lot of fun.

Intermix this with your regular punch needle for varying textures!

Make sure to shop for everything else you need for a happy punch craft:
-best backing materials - organic Monks Cloth and Fine Linen, 
-huge color collection of a perfect size durable wool rug yarn
-frames and covers

ULTRA Punch Needle 3 Tips-Small, Medium, Large with the Handbook, two Threaders

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