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 Fresh out of the workshop. We are excited about this brand-new tabletop rug tufting frame. It is just like our others, but simpler and faster to assemble and then to disassemble and stow away. It is sturdy and strong and has double rows of tack strips to hold your project better. Comes with heavy duty clamps to attach to your tabletop. Easily portable for travelers or to stow away in your closet, basement, or storage place. 

If you need a custom size let us know.....we are always glad to help.

Optional size frame with the guide

Assembles in 2 minutes (or less!)  Disassembles in 2 minutes. No tools needed. So easy to use. Set it up, stretch your fabric, and start tufting. No fumbling with tools and no difficult instructions to follow.

Table is not included.


Take-Apart Table-Top Rug Tufting Rug Making Frame Optional size

PriceFrom $230.00
  • Pine

    Dimensions:         Inner square- 30" x 40"      20" x 30"         24" x 36"                                          Outer square- 33" X 43"     23" x 33"         27" x 39"      

    Includes:               Frame with 
                                    2 clamps
                                    2 supports


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