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This is a Shag Rug Making Tufting Manual Tool  Cuts The Yarn For Cut Pile.

What makes this different from other tufting tools is that this produces cut pile, not looped. 
These do what tufting guns do, only it is very easy to use, with more control, and less expense, and less breakdowns and repairs. 

The tool makes approximately 1 3/4" cut pile (45mm). The length of pile is not adjustable.

The scissors work very well, and you will not need to sharpen them often. In fact we have never sharpened them on one of these tools that we use for ourselves. 

The tool comes with the instruction and we can send a video of it being used by request.  

Works well with monks cloth and especially well with the professional synthetic material you can find in our shop. (Cheaper than monks cloth but better!) Best results are achieved with wool rug yarn.

We test all of our tools before shipping.


Shag Rug Making Tufting Tool Cuts the Yarn for Cut Pile

  • makes approximately 1 3/4" cut pile (45mm)

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