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This is a premium quality professional primary backing canvas used for rug tufting with the gun , Also works great for rug hooking, punch needle.  100 % Polyester, light weight, water resistant. Extremely strong, stable and durable, easy and pleasant to work with.  Works great with all types of tufting gun, stretches on a frame really well and stays well stretched while tufting, Your rugs constructed on this canvas will last forever!
We offer this canvas by the yard, if you buy more than one yard, it will come in one piece.

Premium Primary Tufting Backing Material 266 GSM Polyester 202" (5.1m) 66" long

Color: Grey
  • DENSITY - 70/70 (Threads per 4 in. or 10 cm)
     WIDTH -    202" / 5.13 m
    LENGHT -  sold uncut in optional lenghts. If you buy 3 yards, you will receive an uncut piece of 3 yards x 202"
    MATERIAL - 100% Polyester 
    WEIGHT - 266 g. per sq. m.
     FINISHING -  Edges of the width are serged, edges along the length are not.
    GRID - woven lines are indicated every 19 inches (50cm) horizontally and vertically to help stretching the cloth straight and perpendicular to your frame and facilitate guidance, measuring and design transfer.

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