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100% New Zealand 2 ply thin wool yarn for rug making with all types of tools- Electric and Pneumatic tufting gun or manual tool. 
Makes a smooth soft beautiful pile. Holds a pile very well, looks great for carved. The rug made with this yarn is lustrous, very pleasant to step on, easy to clean and maintain and will live a long life in a very good condition. It is professional quality yarn.

The yarn is thin, use 2 or even 3 threads to feed your gun and happy tufting!

Don't forget that the quality of the backing material and adhesive you use along with the yarn are essential to the final look and quality of the rug!

We also offer the best possible backing primary and secondary materials and rug finishing latex. 

If you need bigger quantity of this yarn, just contact us!

F215 Red Wool Rug Yarn 100% New Zealand Wool ~ 2 Ply Thin 1 lb.

$19.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price
Color: Red
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